Kealy Cheyenne
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Music has been an intrinsic part of my life from the very start. I still remember the lullaby my Mom and Dad made up  I signed with Remedy because of how strongly I believe in the importance and connection of mental health and music. I knew how instrumental Christine has been in my growth as an artist over the last five years and as a person who has been held back by my anxiety.

I have found a fluid taste for various styles of music, some of which I never thought would suit me but was encouraged to try out, ironically quickly becoming a new favourite genre.

Professional & artistic summary

Kealy is a talented, multiple disciplinary signed Remedy Music Label artist for 2023.  This hardworking, determined woman is a a dog mama, travel enthusiast, aspiring actor, published author, and consistently developing music artist who will release her first album May 2023. She is excited to promote her album while on tour with Remedy this summer and will actively develop relationships in Saskatoon’s music community with the goal of creating collectively with other artists and musicians this year.

Kealy is a proud, dedicated member of the One Arrow Cree Nation, with a rich history in Saskatchewan as a talented model who seizes every opportunity to advocate for body positivity and self-love through her art. She is a rape survivor that passionately uses her voice to bring awareness to the prevalence of sexual assault and domestic violence, while advocating for the everyday struggles of mental health and addiction. “I want to be an empowering voice for others. I want to show that we can overcome any obstacle and not only survive, but flourish,” is a quote reflecting her driven desire to stand strong as a role model for all, but especially youth in our province.

Remedy will support Kealy in the development and strategy needed for every aspect of the creation, production, recording, and release of her artistic project this spring. We are amped about working collectively to bring her goals to life. You can anticipate potent spoken word poetry, cutting and emotional lyrics, alongside a unique, innovative sound through Kealy’s art this year. She will push herself to discover new vocal styles, while challenging herself to expand her capacity as a singer who tells her story through the lens of music.

Favourite quote

“I want to be an empowering voice for others. I want to show that we can overcome any obstacle and not only survive but flourish. I have learned to live with anxiety since I was in my early teens. When I turned twenty I was diagnosed with C-PTSD. I've spent years learning how to develop healthy coping mechanisms and how to function through my mental health battles. Putting lots of tools and supports in place. Some days are easier then others. Those closest to me have witnessed the harder moments and days, but most people would never know that I am fighting an unseen war inside myself on the daily. I have had friends shocked when I have referred to my anxiety or mentioned that I had cancelled plans due to a panic attack. They mention how social, confident and "high-functioning" I seem. If I had never shared that part of myself, they would have never known.

We are all learning new ways to function in very inconsistent, ever changing, scary times. I write this post because I am not special or unique in my daily battle. Hundreds of thousands of people struggle with mental health regularly

So remember you're not alone, I know it's easy to forget. Remember to be kind, patient and compassionate with yourself and to those around you.

And, just as it only takes a moment to die, it only takes a moment to live. You just close your eyes and let every futile fear slip away. And then, in this new state, free from fear, you ask yourself: who am I? If I could live without doubt what would I do? If I could be kind without the fear of being f#$%ed over? If I could love without fear of being hurt? If I could taste the sweetness of today without thinking of how I will miss that taste tomorrow? If I could not fear the passing of time and the people it will steal? Yes. What would I do? Who would I care for? What battle would I fight? Which paths would I step down? What joys would I allow myself? What internal mysteries would I solve? How, in short, would I live?"

-Matt Haig, How to Stop Time

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Kealy Cheyenne

Want to get in touch with Kealy? Drop her a line on her Facebook Artist Page or slide into her DMs on Instagram. And don't forget to check out her YouTube channel for updates on her latest projects!