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Music is a Remedy

Our definition of ART is Authentic Roots Truth

In a copy-reproduce entertainment industry, our label stands as a thriving, socially conscious and contributing force of artists that are free to shape the art of their lives within unforgettable, original sound.

Unique Label-Artist Contract

Art is as diverse as its artists, and with this understanding we united forces with Saskatoon-based entertainment lawyer Kurt Dahl to create a unique, meticulous Label-Artist Contract. The agreement covers:

  • Consulting and support in relation to your goals.
  • A strategic plan for optimizing your music and career.
  • Social media promotion training and support.
  • Album creation, production and recording support.
  • Vocal training and development for recording and performance.
  • Tour planning and training.
  • Budgeting.
  • And more!

Driven by a passion for the arts

A note from Christine

Remedy Music is a branch of my active, flourishing artistic and business lifestyle. I am highly driven by a passion for the arts, as well as the artist’s devoting their lives to art creation. Every year I spend innovating in business propels me into a deeper commitment and dedication to the people of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. This is my home; this is my extended family.

The Remedy Music Label, along with Remedy Music School are defined reflections of the love I have for music and its capacity to impact our everyday lives, especially in relation to mental health. I am devoted to giving my time, creative energy, and innovation to ensuring that music and the arts have a vibrant, tangible essence in my city and province.

Christine singingA close up photo of ChristineA close up photo of Christine singing

A sound junkie and music enthusiast

A note from Clark

Prior to turning my focus to the local arts community, I was a project manager geologist for a mining company where I led a diverse team of people in Northern Saskatchewan. I have used the leadership skills I built through my career when working with Remedy Music School, and while doing so I’ve discovered that I can offer my experiences to local artists while assisting the process of making the music of their lives.

I have been a sound junkie and music enthusiast for as long as I can remember. I was strongly influenced by the music of my youth and spent a lot of time and effort discovering new music from a very young age. I am highly motivated by furthering my musical knowledge as I dive into music production, recording, mixing, and videography. Over time, I have come to realize that these skills come naturally to me, so I feel excited to see what the future brings through my hands on work with the sound of Remedy Music. I look forward to even more growth in my own musical diversity.

Christine has made an impact on so many people’s lives through her musical essence. Even though I know there will be challenges, I am excited about working alongside her as I devote my energy to the people of our community and music as a Remedy.

A close up photo of ClarkClark hard at work

Music and sound are a playground

A note from Christine and Clark

We have been engrossed in the experience of Music as a Remedy since early summer 2021. Every day of our work week is strategically given to the wise, calculated investment of time into what is producing the results we use to evaluate music for mental well-being. Music’s ability to impact the human experience drives all of our research, analytics, and teaching in hands-on environments.

Establishing the Remedy Music Label in the fall of 2022 happened naturally. We knew it was time to do something significant for art, for Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and for its artists. Our definition of ART is Authentic Roots Truth, Remedy Music reflects this in every aspect of what we do. We believe your authenticity as an artist is directly connected to your honesty with yourself through the creation and performance of your art. Your one-of-a-kind sound is like an eye or fingerprint that can only be yours. In a copy-reproduce entertainment industry, our label stands as a thriving, socially conscious and contributing force of artists that are FREE to shape the art of their lives within unforgettable, original sound.

We are heavily invested in the SOUND of Remedy. We present sound experiences through live art performances, as well as live-off-the-floor recordings. The music videos we release are recorded both in studio and in varied outdoor environments throughout the seasons of the year, in Saskatchewan and across Western Canada as the label tours. Music and sound are a playground you can visit anytime, anywhere. We play with music; it plays with us.

Christine and Clark huggingA photo Christine and Clark
Kurt sitting down

About Kurt Dahl

Remedy Music Label legal representation

Kurt is one of the preeminent entertainment lawyers in Canada and has been actively involved in the music industry for the past two decades, as a lawyer, musician, public speaker and artist advocate.

His clients range from Juno Award-winning artists, record labels, publishers and managers, to the smallest up-and-coming songwriters. He is considered a thought leader in the music industry and has been featured in Canadian Musician, Canadian Lawyer, SOCAN Magazine, and more, and is interviewed often on music industry podcasts around the world.

Music has changed Kurt’s life and he has toured the world with his band One Bad Son, playing arenas opening for Def Leppard and Judas Priest, and in 2019 sharing the stage with The Rolling Stones in front of 80,000 in Ontario. One Bad Son landed their first #1 single in Canada with the song Raging Bull in 2018. Kurt served as President of SaskMusic for six years and is currently on the Board of Directors for the Western Canadian Music Awards and the SaskTel Jazz Festival. Kurt is passionate about utilizing his knowledge as both artist and lawyer to help others in the music industry.

Kurt is excited and honoured to work with Remedy and Remedy artists, and if any artists have questions about the music industry, please contact Kurt at www.lawyerdrummer.com

The roots of Remedy Music

In January 2011, Christine Johnston started My Artistree as a small business in Saskatoon, Sask. Every single day since its beginning, she has poured heart and soul into what is now a well-established tree with strong roots and flourishing branches of artistic expression and love. Remedy Music is one of those branches.

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