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Becks is a singer/songwriter/model/novelist from Saskatoon. They’re a story teller who lives off of music and film. After finding themself as an artist at Nutana Collegiate, Beck took to the stage at the Capitol Open Mic every Tuesday for months until they killed their stage fright. Now they make songs on their ukulele as well as online with beats, changing the vibe every few weeks.

Their EP, “anomaly” is their first acoustic release and is on Spotify, as well as their alternative pop album, “Honest Reflection.”

Beck believes that  honesty is the most important thing of all and that rawness through lyrics can heal a broken mind.

I’m excited to join Remedy and make some music with some amazing fellow musicians and grow my little community!

Check out my newest EP below:

Fun Facts

I’ve published two novels.

I’m an aspiring filmmaker.

I’m the most passionate about mental health awareness, modelling, filmmaking, writing and heavy metal.

Favorite quotes

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Hello! Reach out to me at Look forward to hearing from you!