Carson Shmyr
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Hi, my name is Carson Shmyr and I'm a multi-disciplinary artist from Saskatoon, SK who's been performing live for nearly a decade. While my first instrument was technically the piano in my grandparents' basement, it wasn't until playing the saxophone in an elementary school band that I really clicked with music. I likes to tout this tendency towards jazz and creativity as my reason for never remembering to bring my sheet music those entire four years. In high school, my artistry flourished as I used social media like a launch pad for sharing my story, mentoring with Roy Hamilton III out of Toronto. As A&R for Capitol Records and a grammy nominated R&B producer, I gained much of my knowledge in music creation and artistry from my mentorship with Roy. This helped me found the Veil Music Fund which supported local young musicians with the costs of recording and production from 2017-2020.

My music and focus on mental health quickly connected with a young, hungry audience that helped take me to events across North America as both a speaker and musician. At the outbreak of the pandemic, I began sharing poetry I had until that point kept private, and watched my audience grow tenfold. Lead by "Five Seconds'', my personal account of struggles with depression, I went on to release my first studio album entirely composed of Poetry, "Requiem". The album came as a response to an intense year, and highlighted themes such as prescription dependence, sexual assault, and imposter syndrome. The album also marked the start of a new partnership with MK's Music Management, who recorded the tracks out of Atlanta. I spent six months working as Executive Producer at MK's Studio's before eventually merging my existing music fund with the management aspects of MK's to form Horizon Music Group in 2022, continuing to represent and support artists today. Now, I teach piano and vocals to students of all ages and continue to tour with my music. I'm beyond excited to be working with Remedy as I believe so many of our goals for not only ourselves, but the music industry in Saskatchewan as a whole are extremely aligned.

Fun facts

  • Occasionally slips into a southern accident for hours at a time without noticing
  • Always covered in animal hair from his & cat at home
  • Writes jingles about random households objects as a party trick
  • Has THREE stage names with multiple albums released on Spotify. Good luck.

Highlighted songs

Carson Shmyr - Lay Me DownLay Me Down was my first song I ever recorded a music video for, and I couldn't have asked for a better team around me on the day. Andrew Florizone of XSight Cinemas shot this while my friend Ethan Matheson helped out with some behind the scenes footage, prop work, lighting, and general set maintenance. We shot all across Saskatchewan over a 19 hour day including a blizzard with 100km/h winds that hit us at the end of the night while we shot the church scenes an hour north of Humbolt at Marysburg Redemption Church. It was an amazing experience directing and writing a music video script, but acting it all out was even better.

Five Seconds - Five Seconds was written in January 2020 while I was finishing my senior year of high school. It details my struggles with depression and my suicide attempt at fifteen years old in 2017. It was also the first piece of poetry I EVER shared publicly, after years of being known only as a songwriter. It was produced from my mom's basement with a miniature keyboard, a one-take that I never edited in any way, and a lot of years of pent up emotions that needed dumping.

Sunday Cartoons - Sunday Cartoons was written in April 2018, shortly after meeting the individual the song is written about. With two distinctive meanings, Sunday Cartoons is both a heartfelt, innocent promise of marriage to a young love and a projection of my own innocence, and desire to stay young and unaffected. It was my first single following a period where I thought I was quitting music completely, and was produced by Roy Hamilton III in Toronto, Canada at Blue Sound and Music.

teach me how to love u - "teach me how to love u" was written in July 2021 while I was halfway through my time in Atlanta working as Executive Producer for MK's Studios. Following an abusive relationship, I realized I would need to relearn many of my habits with love in order to healthily support myself and another, and this song longs for a better tomorrow. It was co-written by Rachel Howell and I, produced by Alysha Amerson, mixed by Carson Shmyr, and mastered by Nate Proctor.

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Carson Shmyr

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