Halle Ponton
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We are excited to introduce you to our seventh signed Remedy Music Label Artist, Halle Ponton.

Halle is a singer/songwriter from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  She began releasing covers to social media at 14 years old, and quickly grew a following due to her powerful, attention demanding vocals.  Her debut release "Tired of Waking Up," alongside fellow artist Carson Shmyr received radio airtime and was featured on many popular music blogs and websites.  Following this, she has continued to create high energy music, with the use of sweeping melodies and cascading vocal runs.  The sound within her art are distinctly moving, with relatable, captivating lyrics.

Since Halle reached out to us on Instagram, we have enjoyed time together one-on-one, and in group settings where her raw, honest essence as an artist and human being have left an impression.  We look forward to what is ahead in 2023 as our minds, inspiration, and drive to create collide with a productive work ethic towards her goals.

Wherever there is music, there is magic.

Music is a Remedy.

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Halle Ponton

If you want to reach out to Halle, drop a line at hallepontonmusic@gmail.com! She’s always happy to hear from you and chat about music, life, and everything in between. Let's make some magic! 🎶✨