Brandon Scott


From a young age I have always been around music, the itch to perform has constantly been a driving force in my life. I originally started making my own music early in high school, keeping the work to myself for years. Once I graduated high school, I joined a karaoke league in town. This experience gave me the confidence I needed to overcome my anxious tendencies, and make the next step in my musical career. After league ended I released a cover on YouTube. Days later I got in contact and signed with Remedy Music label.

With Remedy, I now had the resources to create my first start to finish original! Along side Christine Johnston, Clark & Jim Gamelin, as-well as Graham Tilsley, We created my first song.  It was a huge learning curve, but fun all the way through.

I have struggled with anxiety for years, it’s always had a large impact on my day to day life. Remedy, having a strong focus on mental health, immediately caught my attention. Now that I have signed on with Remedy Music label, I look forward to spreading our message through our many shows in 2023 across western Canada!

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Brandon Scott

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