Brandon Scott
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From the heart of Saskatchewan, I am a burgeoning musician with a passion to entertain. With a successful Western Canada tour under my belt in 2023, I’m hitting the road again in 2024, embarking on an ambitious coast-to-coast tour, promoting my upcoming projects, an EP of all original songs and a full album of covers with a little taste of my own style. Capturing the emotions of my life and the intimate stories of small-town living.

Why I’m signing again?

I signed with Remedy last year, as a complete newbie singer/songwriter… Over the past 12 months, the support that I’ve received from Christine & Clark at Remedy has been incredibly beneficial, keeping me on track and pushing me to work towards my goals. I need a support system in place to keep me moving forward and that’s what remedy does for me, which is why I’m choosing to sign again this year:)

Favorite quotes

“Every night, relive my past… Lit a cigarette to close to the gas” - UNRELEASED SONG

Brandon Scott

“Half wrote songs, and half drank bottles” - UNRELEASED SONG

Brandon Scott

Brandon Scott

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