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Christine started writing music when she was seven years old, with her first solo on-stage performance at Christmas that same year. Song writing is the one thing she does that she tells people is a part of “who” she is. Like breathing in and breathing out. Teaching is a close second. She does these driven by an obsession for music and what it can do. Her formal education was through a private school from K-12, with a heavy focus on intense personal development and training within the arts. She took voice and piano lessons from ten until eighteen years old, studied a variety of art styles in her youth, and was afforded unique opportunities to innovate with music at nineteen that have continued through to present day. Her two years of intense post-secondary education established a solid foundation in music history, theory, conducting, song writing, teaching, music composition, sound technology and sound engineering.

When Christine began innovating as a music teacher and artist in her late teen years, it fostered her natural creative capacity and eventually propelled her into starting her own business. She started volunteering in Saskatoon's public-school community in 2003, and continues to teach music education, as well as songwriting and expression for mental well-being in Saskatoon public schools today.

In March 2020, she released her first album Dawn as a one-take recording in studio demo-style project. She wanted people to feel like they were invited into the living room with her where the songs were born. Her second album release on August 31, 2022, was titled Dead or Alive; a tribute project written about the different aspects of mental health struggles she understands due to relational and personal experiences in life.

Christine will release a unique, live-off-the-floor project called HOME on Friday, May 26, 2023, at the grand opening of the Remedy Music Label. This collection of songs features an array of music performance styles that have challenged her more than any of her work thus far. The presentation of her album HOME involves live loop pedal music production accompanying raw, intimately personal lyrics, delivered by diverse, intense vocal sounds.

Christine teaches sometimes daily in various settings with the direct focus of music as a remedy. Depending on the week, her music students range from ages three to sixty years old. She and her partner Clark spend hours each week working together teaching students with varying learning styles, and diverse abilities. The depth of her regular teaching experience challenges continual growth into new arenas, expanding her desire to innovate, while gathering the information needed to thoroughly study music’s impact on mental health.

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Find the thing in you that is different, that’s as sharp as a diamond and jagged as a razor. Hone that, because that’s the thing with which you will cut the world.

Clayton Cubitt

Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Christine Johnston

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