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Rising star JUSTDAVEthe_1, known offstage as Dave Wiebe, has quickly made waves in the local music scene as a signed artist with REMEDY MUSIC for his second consecutive year. With an impressive accolade as the 3rd place winner of ARTIST OF THE YEAR for REMEDY MUSIC, his journey is marked by relentless innovation and an unparalleled commitment to quality.

In 2024, JUSTDAVEthe_1 embarked on his second tour across Western Canada, showcasing his unique blend of healing, positive All Ages Hip-Hop to an ever-widening audience. Currently, he is pouring his soul into his debut vinyl record, "EERIE SKIES," a project that promises to elevate his music to new heights. With an unprecedented number of shows booked for the year, JUSTDAVEthe_1 stands at the forefront of the genre, offering performances infused with diversity and an unmatched quality of craft.

Originally born in Bangladesh and having been raised in Saskatchewan, JUSTDAVEthe_1's music resonates with a healing, positive message that transcends age and background. His career and efforts have culminated to this year of milestones where his new found collaboration with a versatile band and acclaimed Saskatoon musicians—Saul Chabot, Torrin Staples, and Christine Johnston—will ensure every performance is a rich tapestry of genres, including Jazz, Blues, Folk, Reggae, and Indie Rock elements all while maintaining the core authenticity of Hip-Hop.

JUSTDAVEthe_1's dedication to creating a comprehensive Hip-Hop experience is evident in every beat, lyric, and melody. Integrating elements of Jazz, Blues, and more, he crafts a sound as diverse as his audience. His lyrics, inspired by his rural upbringing and unique life perspective, focus on themes of personal growth, community, and mental health advocacy, steering clear of mainstream rap clichés.

As JUSTDAVEthe_1 continues to redefine the boundaries of Hip-Hop, his work not only entertains but connects, uplifts, and inspires change. His commitment to a positive Hip-Hop culture that is inclusive and accessible to all keeps the genre's spirit alive, fostering a space of unity and healing through the power of music.

J​udge no one

U​​nify yourself

S​peak honestly

T​ry always

Do good.

Ask anything. 

Value life.

Embark bravely.

Featured Songs

Tenacious - Music Video

Delivery Album Visualizer Playlist

Favorite quotes

I loved how this served as a milestone memory of my experience recording my first professional mixed and mastered full length album titled "The Delivery". East wolf who now has changed his name to Dark Daze was an amazing dude to work with and did a stellar job with the album. Chxse Bank, as always, produced the beats impeccably. Matt Gigs, good friend and prolific local artist, is featured in all 9 tracks in the visualizer album playlist on YouTube.



Shoot me a message on Instagram at "@justdave.the1”. Looking forward to hearing from you! 🤘