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Torrin Staples and Brenda Mcknight met about 4 years ago in the local music scene, they have become good friends over the past couple years, bonding over a love of the same music, and a passion for playing it. After a few jams and shared shows, they decided to form a Duo in March 2023 called “Metamorphosis.”

Torrin is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Saskatoon, Sk. He has been playing music since age 15, and is a familiar face In the local music community. He is enthusiastic, determined, and focused on his music and goals. Torrin has 4 songs professionally recorded, including his single “Honestly,” which received air play on CFCR. He is currently in 2 other projects, and teaches guitar part time.

Brenda is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Saskatoon, Sk. She has written poetry, songs, and played music over the years as much as was possible while raising/caring for her family. Brenda started finding more time and freedom to focus on her music in 2019. She has played solo, and in various projects, and is a member of “Rhythm Agogo,” a world percussion group, as well as 2 other projects. Brenda is a member of the SOC and RWG. She has participated in collabs, co-writes, workshops, seminars, and camps. She has two original demos recorded.

“Metamorphosis” was aptly named as Torrin and Brenda are both going through life and musical changes. They are enthusiastic, committed, and motivated, and have played numerous shows since March 2023. They have co-written 3 songs to date with plans to continue writing and performing. Torrin and Brenda are excited to start recording together with plans to release several singles, and an ep in 2024.

Have a look here to see us perform on Stripped Down Live!

Fun Facts


Loves being a grandma to her 4 year old grandson.

Enjoys painting and photography home decorating and anything creative.

She was co-owner of a glass business as well as her own company as an intimate attitudes consultant.

She is the mother of 2 adult sons. One who is married and has a son who refers to her as Nana B. The other son is autistic and lives with her.


He was in wrestling in high school, currently trains in taekwondo.

He is a massive gamer.

Loves anything to do psychology.

He has a bengal and tabby mixed cat named James and he was a rescue cat. James loves the outdoors. James is bipolar but has a very loving personality and is very loyal and protective.

Favorite quotes

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Get a hold of Torrin to chat at 306-280-5350!